Women love cosmetics and beauty products. It is our weakness. We try out new makeup trends and are drawn towards brands that offer the best beauty products. Investing in an expensive but perfect lip color is definitely worth it, simply because it makes you look like a celebrity star. However, most of us do not think about the sheer number of chemicals that have gone into making that perfect nude lipstick, or any other cosmetic product for that matter.


It is alarming to know that these beauty products that may seem completely safe do more harm than good. They are major contributors to skin cancer, nervous system damage and various skin diseases. Our skin is extremely absorbent, so imagine how quickly it takes in all these chemicals.


This is just one of many reasons to switch to natural cosmetics and organic beauty products. Health and beauty go hand in hand, so here are some more clues as to why you should consider making the switch.


1. They are gentle on your skin


Natural cosmetics are made from organic sources and ingredients like magnesium, calcium, and plant-based compounds such as green tea, tea tree oil and aloe-vera just to name a few. These are less harmful and a much better alternative to makeup that contains harsh chemicals that are worse for those with sensitive skin.


By regularly using these natural cosmetics, your skin and its quality will improve over time. These products also protect your skin from UV rays. Zinc oxide, titanium oxide and iron oxide safeguard against the harsh sun and eventually prevent skin cancer.


2. Animal Cruelty


Many beauty products and cosmetics undergo a validation process that involves testing the product on animals. Large companies still indulge in this inhumane practice. Natural beauty product brands on the other hand do not even need to experiment on animals since they use ingredients that have been a part of a woman's beauty regime for centuries.


3. Protects the environment


Many beauty products use petrochemical-based substances that pollute the water all around them. Even a small amount flushed down the drain from our bathrooms can add to aquatic pollution. In order to look good, we are not just harming ourselves and helpless animals but also the environment, whether we’re aware of it or not.


Natural and organic beauty products are better for our surroundings since they do not use synthetic chemicals or fertilizers to grow their ingredients. Naturally-grown plants do not have any genetically modified organisms (GMOs), so they are healthy and friendly to the environment.


4. Limits Premature Aging


We have established that regular cosmetics contain a lot of harmful chemicals that are bad  for the skin and the environment. These chemicals, waxes and silicones increase premature ageing in your skin as they get absorbed and clog pores. This eventually results in unhealthy-looking skin, and early wrinkles and lines. Natural cosmetics are derived from plants that are healthy, so they boost collagen production that keeps your skin supple, healthy and happy looking!


5. Reverses Skin Damage


Years of cosmetic usage can actually damage skin cells. The layers of foundation and blush prevent pores from breathing and make your skin look damaged. Breakouts and dryness are the first signs of skin damage and indicate that you need an immediate change of products.


Natural cosmetics take into account beauty and health and reverse skin damage. Using natural cosmetics brings about a drastic change in the quality of your skin, making it feel much more balanced and ensuring a positive reaction to natural products.


At the end of the day, it is all about striving towards a holistic lifestyle. If we take care of our bodies so much by eating healthy and exercising regularly, we should do the same for our skin. Internal well-being is just not enough; external well being is also important to be able to make the switch to a better lifestyle. It is high time that we take responsibility for our bodies, health and the environment and make changes that improve our lives for years to come.